Watson Hello

Watson Hello is an application I worked on with a great team at IBM. 


The app's purpose is to be a language and communication tool between 2 people or between a person and another language (on a sign, bus stop, etc.) The app uses Watson's cognitive technologies, such as speech to text, language translation, and text to speech to make conversing between languages seamless. 


The project lasted 4 weeks where we conducted user interviews, tested wireframes, and did real world sampling of the market to see where the problem area for users lied, and where they were currently feeling satisfied. 


The work you see here is demonstrating a conversation between two business people, one American, and one Russian. 


The screens shown are design I directly worked on but the project was a team effort involving Sophia Gutierrez, Josh Shiau, Marion Bruells, Betty Quinn, and Zack Temkin.