Hello. My name is Adam Lehman and I am a Designer living and working in New York City by way of Detroit, Florida, and Texas. I began my design career at IBM as the IBM Studios Culture and Brand Designer, working on Global Studios events and being Editor-in-Chief of the IBM culture magazine "All Things X." Afterwards I moved to New York and worked at 8.5 as a Designer and iPullRank as the Design Lead. I now find myself full-time freelancing for places like Pearlfisher and VSA Partners.


Why I Design:

When I was 7 years old the world terrified me. I couldn’t be away from my parents or sisters without thinking something bad was going to happen to them or me. My parents and doctors initially thought I was just acting out, perhaps acting my age? They initially thought this way because I had no words to describe what I was feeling, which was later diagnosed as a clinical anxiety disorder. I met with doctors, therapists, specialists, and so on. They all asked me the same questions, but I lacked the words to accurately express myself. My anxiety went overlooked until one day my parents and the therapist handed me a pad of paper and some markers and asked me to draw what I was feeling. At 7 years old I had a limited vocabulary, so speaking my feelings didn’t work. But at 7 years old I had a hyper-active imagination and could easily visually communicate my thoughts, feelings, and fears to the people around me. After that it became clear what I was experiencing, feelings, fearing, and how I could be helped. 

When I was 20 years old I was driving home from a charity event where I was shooting photos. On my way home, around 2am, I was driving on the highway. I was about .5 miles from my exit when I glanced in my rear-view mirror and a set of headlights began crushing though the back bumper of my vehicle, causing my vehicle to lift up, spin out of control, and smash into the center guard rail of the highway. A drunk driver who was 4x the legal limit decided to take my life into his hands and plow through me and keep going. The police, doctors, nurses, and emergency personnel all told me I should be dead, but that the seat belt I was wearing clearly spared me. 

These two instances are in common because they are both scenarios where art and design saved my life. The opportunity to express emotion and feeling through art is something I will never take for granted. As well as realizing that the 3 point seat belt, while not the sexiest piece of design, is design with a big purpose that it is beyond color, font, and aesthetic quality. Design has served a very important role in my life and I has taught me most of what I hold to be true in this world. 

For a deeper dive into my life and what design means to me, check out the time I was on the Meet The Creatives Podcast

Awards include the AIGA Command X 2016 competition and a handful of local, regional, and national Addy awards. 



I'm currently taking on clients and freelance work so if you, or if you know anyone who needs creative work done please reach out to me!

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