String Squad

So, as you know, I am (actually today was my last day of classes ever so, I was) a student at UCF in the design program. The room where we had all of our design classes, for the past 2 years, is bland, to say the least. I was sick of my classmates blaming their lack of productivity on the mood of our room. So I decided to do some kind of installation to make it more fun, I don't think it's gonna solve anyone's laziness but it was an excuse to create.. 

So I went to the store and bought a shit ton of nails and string, printed out some words I thought were positive to see every day, called up my loyal and trusting friends and we set a plan in motion to do a string installation. 

Now, this whole thing wasn't exactly "legal" in the school's eyes. So naturally, we went in at 11pm to do it. Duh.

So Joe, Nico, Kyrstin, & Jamin, & I went in with a little help here and there from Nico's wife Bri and the lovely Ana, and we started hammering away. And hammering and hammering, then winding string for the next 4.5 hours until we had this! I am so proud of this installation and of my friends for their crazy hard work and for trusting me to take the heat for them if something happened.  At the end of the night, we had improved the room, shared a bunch of laughs, and now we didn't have to listen to people bitch about their own laziness. Which is ironic because we all had a bunch of projects to work on but we still put in all those hours of work for a fun personal project. 

I live for these moments. Surrounded by friends and a little bit of excitement with the possibility of trouble. It makes for the best conversation and the best memories. And ever since it went up in the room it has been talked about in a positive way by everyone, even the director of the program!

So check out the video, look at the pictures, and enjoy our String Squadness.