Guest Blog Series // #1 // Katie Bryl

Hey guys! I'm starting a new guest blog series right now! This is the first one! It was written by my great friend Katie Bryl. I've known Katie since the 9th grade and ever since then we have always been tight. We've always agreed and gotten along on most things and she's one of the best friends I could have ever asked for. I can't say it enough, Katie, you're awesome. She's insanely talented in painting and design, she lives in ATL right now. She's always had my back and I love that she gets to be my first guest blogger. Catch her post right below these words and be on the look out for more guest bloggers coming soon. So here are some photos of us I love, and her post as follows, I haven't even read the post yet so I'm excited to translate it into here and read it along with you guys. -U&A

As a SCAD Atlanta Graphic Design Major, I spent my freshman year drawing heavily, my sophomore year mastering the pen tool, my junior year exploring the different realms of Graphic Design, and my senior year finalizing, refining and building my personal brand, portfolio and website. As I progressed in my degree, I found my self thumbnailing more, but actually drawing less. I can't remember the last time I picked up a colored pencil, or a felt tip pen. Let alone the last time I painted. I was growing away from the fine arts, and away from the habit of carrying a sketchbook around with me. My sketches for logos and layouts were rough, light and far from a work of art worth showing anyone. I kept telling myself, however, that I would get back into drawing before school was out.

And here I am, two months into a job as a Web and Content Specialist, where I do little to no actual art, as I maintain hospital websites for a large company. I crave art, but I no longer doodled in the margins of my paper, nor on my notes in my meetings. It was at this time that I took a step in the right direction to get back to my roots, and became heavily involved with AIGA. At my first AIGA Professional Development Committee meeting, it occurred to me just how influenced and inspired I have been by the different locations, shops, and restaurant around Atlanta. How much my design has been driven by my surroundings and how much I cherish about my favorite spots in the city. 

I decided to  share this project with all of you to hold myself accountable. I have planned to spend two weeks capturing what inspires me in Atlanta in good old pencil and ink. (Admittedly, most of them are restaurant identities, because I basically think with my stomach, but also because Atlanta has amazing restaurants to offer, both in terms of brands and meals.) Last week took me to Buckhead, Westside and Midtown.

These pages are not sketched out and planned prior to drawing. I simply spent the last week driving around Atlanta, taking photos or making notes of my favorite marks and restaurants and drawing them when I got to my destination. Or before going to bed.  Often, i'd be short a pencil sharpener or a marker. Sometimes I would sketch out the mark before taking color pencil to it, but sometimes not. Sometimes I probably should have planned the page, because I ran out of space.... whoops. but this is a real, dirty, rediscovery of my lost talent and lost love of drawing. These are my mistakes, practices and inspirations, in the raw. They're not good, nor great, but I'm getting better. I'm progressing in my exploration.

I also totally recommend if you are in Atlanta, to visit these places. They are my favorites for reasons. 

This week, I will take on East Atlanta, Downtown and.... wherever else my plans take me. 

They say its all about the journey right? Enjoy.

This is Adam typing now: Holy crap. This is so awesome. When she told me she was gonna take on this big project for a guest blog series I was super impressed. Thats why I surround my self with the people I do. Hard working mother fuckers who do cool shit. (someone tattoo that on their chest, okay.) I also just learned that this guest blog is coming in multiple installments so thats also awesome. Thanks for reading guys! If you wanna guest blog please email me and lets get your here! See ya soon - U&A