Back from the wild west.

Hey guys! I'm back from my road trip! We drove from Orlando to New Mexico to see the El Malpais Arch, then to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and the Horseshoe Bend, The Utah to go to Zion, Bryce, Arches, and Canyonlands, then Colorado to see my 9th grade art teacher and hike Rocky Mtn and the Grand Mesa National Forest. 


It was a great trip! Camping was awesome, the drives were gorgeous, it was hot as fuck but so fun. I did some of the hardest hikes of my life so far and loved every minute of it. 

I unfortunately had to leave Colorado early and head back to Florida because something came up, but on my way to FLA something else came up and I was able to stop in Nashville and see my friend Haylee, she's a sweetheart who is a great friend. It was cool to see Nashville, and I finally got to see Hatch Show Prints. After Nashville I stopped in Atlanta to stay with my friend Katie. Ive known Katie for forever it seems, she's an awesome friend to me. We just went out and ate good food. I had a date with a really cool lady up there and we ate the most amazing food at this restaurant called Better Half. I highly recommend this place if you are ever in ATL. Nnow I'm back in Flagler! Always moving around...

I'll stay in Flagler for the fourth, my great friend Jamin is here staying with me so I have a drinking buddy, then we will head back to Orlando and pack up our Apartments which won't be fun... My friend Joe moved out while I was on my trip and coming home to my empty apartment was weird..

July 16th I go to Austin to find an apartment and then mid august I drive to Austin for good. It's fuckin' crazy how fast this summer is blowing by and how I soon I start at IBM but I am so excited I can hardly wait anymore. Life is really good. 

Have a fun and safe fourth, everyone! See you soon.