Hey guys, So I got back From Austin, Texas a few days ago so let me recap everything for you!


I flew to Austin on Thursday, got picked up at the airport by a driver, and headed to my hotel. I checked in and was greeted with an awesome IBM goodie bag. 

Of course I am sick and my sinuses were exploding on the plane ride over so I went walking around to find a CVS to get some medicine. 

Austin is more walkable than I thought. I do love walking so thats a good thing for sure. 

I got my medicine, thankfully, popped that shit real quick and got ready to go to dinner that night. 

I got to the lobby when they asked and started meeting the other candidates, everyone was really cool and nice. 

Tiffany picked us up and we walked to this Brazilian steakhouse. Holy shit, So. Much. Meat. I was in heaven. 

We ate and ate and ate and laughed about dude plaid, jorts, and other lame things. All the IBM designers who were there were really cool and funny too!

Oh and the  Creme Brûlée was amazing too..

After dinner the candidates and I walked back to the hotel and I invited everyone up to watch playoff basketball with me, A few guys came up and we watched the Clips get humiliated in the 4th quarter..

The next morning we all got up early, which was a struggle because I couldn't sleep that night I was too excited. 

The drivers picked us up and drove us to IBM. We were given some presentations, we had one on one interviews, we gave our own presentations, we had awesome tacos for lunch, did a group exercise and we were done! Long day but really fun. The IBM offices are so cool, sticky notes and white boards galore. I loved the vibe and the people in there. 

After that we went back to the hotel, all talking about how we thought we did and how anxious we were to know how we actually did. 

When we got back I went and got more medicine, then met my friend Julia, another candidate, downtown to walk around. We wanted to find the river so we walked where we thought we should go.. no. Then again... no. With perseverance we FINALLY made it to the river, it was a very dirty river..

So we left to go back to the hotel to meet our friends for a drink before going out. 

IBM was taking us to this awesome theatre where every other row of seats has been taken out and a long bar table has been put in so you can eat and drink while you watch a movie, but you don't just watch the movie.. Some comedians sit there and make fun of the movie the whole time, which is way too funny. Our movie was The Goonies. I died of laughter.

After that We all went out on the town. The bars in Austin are so cool and the drinks are good. We ended up at this bar called Cheer Up Charlies where these 2 great bands were playing so I was happy because I love live music. We drank a lot and the candidates trickled out the door to go back to the hotel until I realized I as the only one left. But I wasn't going to leave because the IBMer's were a lot of fun, they were hilarious, there was cool music, and I was enjoying myself getting to know them more. 

After a bit I got back to my hotel and I met my friends Julia and Drew in the hotel and we watched, I'm not really sure actually. Some kind of Austin Blues Fest? Idk, there was popcorn and I was hungry and I like Julia and Drew a lot. haha.

We went to bed at like 3:30 I think? Then I slept so hard.. 

I woke up, got ready to go to the airport and left. 

I landed in Orlando around 7:30 and got some great Pho with my roommate. 


Now we wait.. I sent my thank you emails and hoped to hear back soon.

Then Monday came a follow up call.. and... I AM AN IBMER!

I am so excited about this. I get to work in such a great place with such great people and for a purpose. I love design and I am forever grateful that it can take me to these places and experiences. 

My friends Drew, Julia, and Patrick are hired too! Which is great to know I will already have friends when I get there. 

So now it's party time! I move mid August and start September 1st so let the shenanigans and traveling begin!

I also wanna thank my parents, and Victor for everything. I wouldn't be here without you guys and I owe everything to you. Thank you. 

Also, shout out to Tiffany, Tessa, and Veronica for making this trip really really awesome. Thanks guys. 

See you soon, ATX.