Landed in Newark today around 10 and took a taxi to Chelsea where my Airbnb is. Holy shit that cab ride was expensive....

I checked into my quaint little room with my host, Jennifer. It's a really cool space in a great location for me to walk places. 

Today I didn't have anything to do so I threw my backpack on and went exploring. I texted my friend Eliza who I met at CS last week and we met up for lunch by Bryant Park. She had so much advice to give me about interviews, and handling myself, and the train system, etc. If you don't know her you should reach out, she's a great friend to have. she hates this picture but oh well. 

After lunch I headed back to my room, I sat down to do some work and passed out for 2 hours. This week was kinda long so it was nice to catch up before interviews start tomorrow. 



I love the food here, I can grab a donut whenever I want and walk around. Talk about living the life. I ate dinner at my friend Nico's mom's restaurant, Pounds & Ounces. It was amazing. She is the sweetest lady and a fantastic chef. I had chicken waffle pops, these amazing glazed ribs, and a coffee cake with ice cream and a whiskey drizzle. It was all absolutely delicious. I highly recommend eating here if you are in NYC. 

Now I'm back in my room, getting ready for tomorrow. I have a meeting with Bob Gill, yes Bob Fucking Gill, at 10:00am I am so pumped for. He's a witty, sassy, outspoken person, much like myself. And after that I am meeting with a UCF alumni who is the creative director of Etsy over in DUMBO Brooklyn. 



I love it here. I have always loved it here. I can walk down the street and not be judged or even noticed at. You are simultaneously absolutely no one and your best self at the same time. No one gives a fuck about you which makes you want to hustle that much harder. It's really a great feeling, at least it is for me. Anyone could be anyone here, and no one cares all the same. 


I like walking places, not something you can do in Florida... The weather was awesome today so walking was that much better. I walked about 50 blocks, did some poking around, but overall I'm just enjoying the walk. I didn't take my camera out once. Let me repeat that, I didn't take my camera out once.... If you know me you know that is just crazy. I shot some photos with my phone but other than that I just observed and enjoyed the New York air. 


My anxiety feels good too. I was feeling the nerves a bit this morning but they fell out of my body when I got out of the taxi. I'm out here dodging cabs and bikers like a pro and I feel comfortable. I hope I look comfortable and not like a weird lost kid.. I'm sure I will be nervous again in the morning when I go to meet Bob but I'm really excited at the same time. I'm glad and proud that my work has gotten me here right now so I'm excited to see what the opportunities will be. 


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Saw the new freedom tower today, looks beautiful. I think it's also a symbol of the statement, "If any terrorists wanna fuck around and get dunked on, you know where America can be found.." Idk maybe that one is just me.

Saw the new freedom tower today, looks beautiful. I think it's also a symbol of the statement, "If any terrorists wanna fuck around and get dunked on, you know where America can be found.." Idk maybe that one is just me.



Go balls to the fucking wall.

When I was in middle and high school I used to stress over people thoughts about me. "are they talking about me?" "do they like me?".. the usual. But ever since college I'm learning and realizing more and more that if you just do what you want and what makes you happy, you will find other people who do the same. I think thats how I met all of my friends at UCF and stayed so close with them so far. We are all fucking weird in a way so own that shit. 

Eliza reminded me of a quote she heard at CS that goes "Let your weakness be your uniqueness." and I think that's awesome because everyone is a bit strange, right? So don't give a fuck what people think! NYC is the epicenter for this idea and I feel right at home with it. I can try and walk all cool or whatever but we all know I'm gonna put a hoodie on, some comfy chinos, and trip up the curb every damn time. So fuck it. Be you. Be the best you because right now no one else is youer than you, that is true. (some Dr. Suess I remember from when my sister would read them to me as a kid. Shout out to Heather!)

I think that's enough for now. I'm pretty tired and I'm looking forward to my bed.. Please feel free to comment with any questions! I'm hoping to get some guest posts on here soon to help get the knowledge i've been lucky enough to hear out to the rest of my friends and students. 


One last quick thank you to my parents, who are probably the most supportive art parents in the world and who listen to all my crazy ideas and accept them for what they are. There is no way in hell I would be here without them so all this hard work is definitely for them. 

Okay for real, I'm tired. Goodnight!