Design student. Moving to NYC.

Hey guys, my name is Adam Lehman and welcome to my new personal project: PREflight nyc. I am a senior design student from UCF who is preparing to try and move to New York City. This blog will be full of my trials and tribulations as I discover how the hell I am going to get this all to work. 


Some quick back story:

  • I have already been sending tons of emails to connections and agencies in NYC, I still have a lot more to send. 
  • I am flying to NYC next Thursday, April 16th, for a few days to meet with people who have reached back out to me. 
  • I do not have a guaranteed job in NYC, at all. 
  • I have no place to live in NYC. yet...
  • I am graduating with student loans (more than I wish)
  • A long term relationship with my girlfriend abruptly ended last Friday. We had plans to move and live together after graduation in the big city but that situation is done and gone.
  • I am now re-shifting my focus but keeping the same goals. I have always wanted to move there and learn design in NYC when I graduated, and my goal to do so will remain the same, regardless of unexpected, very offsetting circumstances for me. 



I suck at typing and I'm trying hard to catch them but deal with it, okay?


I will produce designs and videos for the things I am going through, I will try and check in and update you guys within 3 days of each new post.


I am going to be 100% honest with everything to be put up here, I will show my highs, my lows, my success and my failure.



I like to say fuck. so I'm gonna say it. I say it when I'm happy, I say it when I'm pissed. Oh well.


There will be some design talk in the posts but I will try and keep the content relatable no matter what you do. 


With that being said, welcome to Preflight nyc. I am open for any and all questions so feel free to send them my way!


I am leaving for Creative South tomorrow morning with my friends. This is my favorite conference in the world and it will really help distract and motivate me.