My Anxiety Through The Eyes Of My Parents.

So some of you have been asking me about my anxiety, and specifically about my younger years when dealing with it, but to be honest I don't remember a lot of those younger years, I have vague memories here and there about it but nothing substantial. So here it is, my anxiety as told by my mom and dad (the beautiful couple above). The two most supportive people in my life, they love me no matter what and without them I would NOT be the guy I am today. I love them more than anything and they have taught me so much in 22 short years. 




Adam was our third baby we understood the natural anxieties of infancy, the toddler “stranger danger” screaming and then the natural progression to independence and separation. No worries, we’ve got this right? WRONG! What happens when this natural progression does not occur? When you realize your baby is not being a brat, or having a simple toddler tantrum, that he is truly terrified, almost frozen in fear when you are not there? How do you respond when your 4 year old has a panic attack that he describes as “my heart really hurts and I see sparkles”?


If you were to ask Adam, he would tell you he was born with anxiety. A difficult concept to grasp for some, but after years of therapy, research and diagnosis, he is indeed correct. Anxiety elicits what is known as the stress response, which releases a group of neurotransmitters called catecholamines (dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine) into the central nervous system. Catecholamines, effectively turn on our heart muscles and ‘turn off’ the stomach to prepare for ‘fight or flight’ responses. These same neurotransmitters turn on a structure called the amygdala (the brain region that is responsible for fear), and turn off the prefrontal cortex (the brain region where thinking occurs), allowing posterior cortical and subcortical structures to control our behavior. In other words, under these conditions, we stop being rational and are only emotional–in this case, fearful…...Sorry, I’m a nurse, as well as a Mommy. So while Adam was officially clinically diagnosed with separation anxiety disorder (SAD) at the age of 7, he was indeed born with this, and it will never go away. So what do you do? How do you fix it? Drug your child? NEVER…...never say never!


On to the best child psychiatrist we could find. We learned about the brain, the importance of breathing (Adam could be a lamaze coach!!), behavior modification, and coping mechanisms. When did Adam feel in control? Drawing. When was he relaxed? Drawing. How did he communicate? Drawing. Enter art! When you don’t have the words to express your fear, you have the picture. You have your imagination to move yourself beyond the moment of terror…..breathe, 5 minutes, where do you see yourself in five minutes, breathe, draw a picture of it in your mind, breathe, tell mommy about the picture….slowly the uncontrolled crying stops, we’ve made it through the moment he knows when mommy or daddy are gone in 5 minutes he will be ok, because he drew the picture, created the moment.


Coping mechanisms? We had many…..Adam lived through one full year with a phone number on his hand. Every morning when he went to school he NEEDED to know where I was that day, how he could talk to me (yes this was the dark ages before cell phones and instant communications), I wrote the number on his hand so he wouldn’t lose it. By the end of the year, we were able take it off his hand and write it in his planner behavior modification success!


We made other “deals” as well. In order to have a friend over (friends always had to come to our house), he had to go to their house first for 3 minutes (then 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.). Three minutes of success was a huge victory that took about 3 months to achieve. 


For the next 5 years we struggled almost every day with separation on some level, but had made amazing progress. When Adam was 11 we went for a big life changer. Our family decided to move from Michigan to Florida. I moved with Adam and his sisters, Adam’s dad had to remain in Michigan while we sold our house. Shortly after our relocation Adam “lost it”. Even though he had me with him everyday, he could not control the brain action of being so far from his dad. Our tried and true coping mechanisms were an epic fail. Off to the doctors.


Pediatrician, psychologist and psychiatrist. Therapy, tears, terror, drawing, panic….drugs? I sat in the pediatricians office crying, I failed! I could not help my baby. Remember that brain description above? The pediatrician broke it down…..he can not control this part of his brain, he was born this way, we need to control the neurotransmitters, so Adam can control his anxiety. ”Mommy, I just want to be a normal kid”. Drugs!


Art was the focus of Adam’s therapy at this age. His control, his comfort, his way of communication never changed. His psychologist had a program on her computer, Adam had to draw a picture in his mind, focus on his breathing, control the image on the screen, control his brain, control his anxiety.


Being the parent of a child with anxiety is challenging, heartbreaking, and ultimately rewarding. He was judged, we were judged. We as a family embraced Adam’s anxiety, we talked about it without shame, we discussed the clinical aspects, we defended, protected (his two sisters were never going to let anything bad happen and were always there for him) and we overcame! Without anxiety, would Adam be as creative as he is? Guess we’ll never know….he was born this way.


- Mom & Dad




So there you have it, all the words and scenarios I couldn't remember about my anxiety as a kid. I will say this: Having anxiety isn't a bad thing, it morphed and shaped who I am today and I love who I am today, but it wouldn't have been that way without my parents and sisters. The one thing I always remember is their understanding, and support for me. They always showed me love and acceptance no matter what emotions I was feeling on any given day, For that I am beyond grateful and cannot put my thanks into words. 


As far as today goes, yeah, I still have anxiety. Yeah, I still take medicine for it. And no, I don't give a fuck what people think because I'm happy, my family is happy, and I have happy friends who make me happy. I am who I am and they are who they are, they accept me for everything, and I accept them. Life is better this way and I am so grateful for everyone who loves me. 

Guest Blog Series // #1 // Katie Bryl

Hey guys! I'm starting a new guest blog series right now! This is the first one! It was written by my great friend Katie Bryl. I've known Katie since the 9th grade and ever since then we have always been tight. We've always agreed and gotten along on most things and she's one of the best friends I could have ever asked for. I can't say it enough, Katie, you're awesome. She's insanely talented in painting and design, she lives in ATL right now. She's always had my back and I love that she gets to be my first guest blogger. Catch her post right below these words and be on the look out for more guest bloggers coming soon. So here are some photos of us I love, and her post as follows, I haven't even read the post yet so I'm excited to translate it into here and read it along with you guys. -U&A

As a SCAD Atlanta Graphic Design Major, I spent my freshman year drawing heavily, my sophomore year mastering the pen tool, my junior year exploring the different realms of Graphic Design, and my senior year finalizing, refining and building my personal brand, portfolio and website. As I progressed in my degree, I found my self thumbnailing more, but actually drawing less. I can't remember the last time I picked up a colored pencil, or a felt tip pen. Let alone the last time I painted. I was growing away from the fine arts, and away from the habit of carrying a sketchbook around with me. My sketches for logos and layouts were rough, light and far from a work of art worth showing anyone. I kept telling myself, however, that I would get back into drawing before school was out.

And here I am, two months into a job as a Web and Content Specialist, where I do little to no actual art, as I maintain hospital websites for a large company. I crave art, but I no longer doodled in the margins of my paper, nor on my notes in my meetings. It was at this time that I took a step in the right direction to get back to my roots, and became heavily involved with AIGA. At my first AIGA Professional Development Committee meeting, it occurred to me just how influenced and inspired I have been by the different locations, shops, and restaurant around Atlanta. How much my design has been driven by my surroundings and how much I cherish about my favorite spots in the city. 

I decided to  share this project with all of you to hold myself accountable. I have planned to spend two weeks capturing what inspires me in Atlanta in good old pencil and ink. (Admittedly, most of them are restaurant identities, because I basically think with my stomach, but also because Atlanta has amazing restaurants to offer, both in terms of brands and meals.) Last week took me to Buckhead, Westside and Midtown.

These pages are not sketched out and planned prior to drawing. I simply spent the last week driving around Atlanta, taking photos or making notes of my favorite marks and restaurants and drawing them when I got to my destination. Or before going to bed.  Often, i'd be short a pencil sharpener or a marker. Sometimes I would sketch out the mark before taking color pencil to it, but sometimes not. Sometimes I probably should have planned the page, because I ran out of space.... whoops. but this is a real, dirty, rediscovery of my lost talent and lost love of drawing. These are my mistakes, practices and inspirations, in the raw. They're not good, nor great, but I'm getting better. I'm progressing in my exploration.

I also totally recommend if you are in Atlanta, to visit these places. They are my favorites for reasons. 

This week, I will take on East Atlanta, Downtown and.... wherever else my plans take me. 

They say its all about the journey right? Enjoy.

This is Adam typing now: Holy crap. This is so awesome. When she told me she was gonna take on this big project for a guest blog series I was super impressed. Thats why I surround my self with the people I do. Hard working mother fuckers who do cool shit. (someone tattoo that on their chest, okay.) I also just learned that this guest blog is coming in multiple installments so thats also awesome. Thanks for reading guys! If you wanna guest blog please email me and lets get your here! See ya soon - U&A

Back from the wild west.

Hey guys! I'm back from my road trip! We drove from Orlando to New Mexico to see the El Malpais Arch, then to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and the Horseshoe Bend, The Utah to go to Zion, Bryce, Arches, and Canyonlands, then Colorado to see my 9th grade art teacher and hike Rocky Mtn and the Grand Mesa National Forest. 


It was a great trip! Camping was awesome, the drives were gorgeous, it was hot as fuck but so fun. I did some of the hardest hikes of my life so far and loved every minute of it. 

I unfortunately had to leave Colorado early and head back to Florida because something came up, but on my way to FLA something else came up and I was able to stop in Nashville and see my friend Haylee, she's a sweetheart who is a great friend. It was cool to see Nashville, and I finally got to see Hatch Show Prints. After Nashville I stopped in Atlanta to stay with my friend Katie. Ive known Katie for forever it seems, she's an awesome friend to me. We just went out and ate good food. I had a date with a really cool lady up there and we ate the most amazing food at this restaurant called Better Half. I highly recommend this place if you are ever in ATL. Nnow I'm back in Flagler! Always moving around...

I'll stay in Flagler for the fourth, my great friend Jamin is here staying with me so I have a drinking buddy, then we will head back to Orlando and pack up our Apartments which won't be fun... My friend Joe moved out while I was on my trip and coming home to my empty apartment was weird..

July 16th I go to Austin to find an apartment and then mid august I drive to Austin for good. It's fuckin' crazy how fast this summer is blowing by and how I soon I start at IBM but I am so excited I can hardly wait anymore. Life is really good. 

Have a fun and safe fourth, everyone! See you soon. 

Going Wild West

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a minute since my last post. I've been doing some traveling lately, working on some personal stuff, and I leave tomorrow for a camping trip! Catch the video below!

I can't wait to shoot and shoot and shoot and share the photos and the weird stories from this trip when we get back. See y'all soon!



Hey guys, So I got back From Austin, Texas a few days ago so let me recap everything for you!


I flew to Austin on Thursday, got picked up at the airport by a driver, and headed to my hotel. I checked in and was greeted with an awesome IBM goodie bag. 

Of course I am sick and my sinuses were exploding on the plane ride over so I went walking around to find a CVS to get some medicine. 

Austin is more walkable than I thought. I do love walking so thats a good thing for sure. 

I got my medicine, thankfully, popped that shit real quick and got ready to go to dinner that night. 

I got to the lobby when they asked and started meeting the other candidates, everyone was really cool and nice. 

Tiffany picked us up and we walked to this Brazilian steakhouse. Holy shit, So. Much. Meat. I was in heaven. 

We ate and ate and ate and laughed about dude plaid, jorts, and other lame things. All the IBM designers who were there were really cool and funny too!

Oh and the  Creme Brûlée was amazing too..

After dinner the candidates and I walked back to the hotel and I invited everyone up to watch playoff basketball with me, A few guys came up and we watched the Clips get humiliated in the 4th quarter..

The next morning we all got up early, which was a struggle because I couldn't sleep that night I was too excited. 

The drivers picked us up and drove us to IBM. We were given some presentations, we had one on one interviews, we gave our own presentations, we had awesome tacos for lunch, did a group exercise and we were done! Long day but really fun. The IBM offices are so cool, sticky notes and white boards galore. I loved the vibe and the people in there. 

After that we went back to the hotel, all talking about how we thought we did and how anxious we were to know how we actually did. 

When we got back I went and got more medicine, then met my friend Julia, another candidate, downtown to walk around. We wanted to find the river so we walked where we thought we should go.. no. Then again... no. With perseverance we FINALLY made it to the river, it was a very dirty river..

So we left to go back to the hotel to meet our friends for a drink before going out. 

IBM was taking us to this awesome theatre where every other row of seats has been taken out and a long bar table has been put in so you can eat and drink while you watch a movie, but you don't just watch the movie.. Some comedians sit there and make fun of the movie the whole time, which is way too funny. Our movie was The Goonies. I died of laughter.

After that We all went out on the town. The bars in Austin are so cool and the drinks are good. We ended up at this bar called Cheer Up Charlies where these 2 great bands were playing so I was happy because I love live music. We drank a lot and the candidates trickled out the door to go back to the hotel until I realized I as the only one left. But I wasn't going to leave because the IBMer's were a lot of fun, they were hilarious, there was cool music, and I was enjoying myself getting to know them more. 

After a bit I got back to my hotel and I met my friends Julia and Drew in the hotel and we watched, I'm not really sure actually. Some kind of Austin Blues Fest? Idk, there was popcorn and I was hungry and I like Julia and Drew a lot. haha.

We went to bed at like 3:30 I think? Then I slept so hard.. 

I woke up, got ready to go to the airport and left. 

I landed in Orlando around 7:30 and got some great Pho with my roommate. 


Now we wait.. I sent my thank you emails and hoped to hear back soon.

Then Monday came a follow up call.. and... I AM AN IBMER!

I am so excited about this. I get to work in such a great place with such great people and for a purpose. I love design and I am forever grateful that it can take me to these places and experiences. 

My friends Drew, Julia, and Patrick are hired too! Which is great to know I will already have friends when I get there. 

So now it's party time! I move mid August and start September 1st so let the shenanigans and traveling begin!

I also wanna thank my parents, and Victor for everything. I wouldn't be here without you guys and I owe everything to you. Thank you. 

Also, shout out to Tiffany, Tessa, and Veronica for making this trip really really awesome. Thanks guys. 

See you soon, ATX.


Testing. 1, 2, 3..

Hey guys!


Quick update today!


  • Last Friday I attended a show some of my friends were in and then we all went out to celebrate graduation, etc. 
  • I got an email from IBM saying I need to make a 10 minute presentation for my interviews on Friday. And that a design test was coming on Monday night, due Wednesday night.
  • I started the presentation and went to Tampa to see my sister. I shot new engagement photos for her. 
  • I came back to town yesterday to have a meeting with Victor and Jeff to eat lunch and go over my presentation. I seem to be in good shape so I will just keep practicing what to say. 
  • The IBM test came in at around 11:00pm yesterday. They initially sent me the developer test which, if you know me, is bad because I can't code! She realized and sent me the visual design test.. Thank the universe. 
  • Ive been working on the test a bit. I have to redesign a bank website, focusing on customers opening a checking account. I feel good about it so far and I should be done soon. 
  • I fly to Austin on Thursday around 2:30. Dinner Thursday night, interviews and presentation Friday, then out on the town Friday night, and exploring Saturday before I fly back. 
  • I'm about to eat tacos which is great. 
  • Things are moving really fast. It's good and bad. People are leaving and entering my life every day and it's been putting me in a crabby mood I think. But that's life and I can't complain. 


So Now it's back to designing this site, and Ill turn it in soon! I will be back with an update maybe when I'm at the airport? We will see. I haven't been feeling very open lately, which doesn't make for interesting blog posts.. So here are pictures from my presentation, my sisters engagement shoot, and the senior show...

Love my friends.

Love my friends.








Be back soon.

IBMoving to Austin, TX? Perhaps?

First and foremost, that IBMoving joke was made up by the stunning Sarah Collins at Lure Design Inc., I can't take credit for that one. 



Well, I had some finals to take care of. One paper, 2 exams, and some projects later and I'm done! See ya later college. But of course, through all of the studying and buttoning up of projects I was emailing, and emailing and emailing.. 

I applied for a few more jobs in NYC, and the creative director of Etsy, Randy Hunt, got me in contact with Doug, I think he's a creative director or something like that, over at IBM. I had an informational meeting with him last Thursday. We chatted about IBM, what they are doing, etc. We chatted about my work and he said he thought I had the chops and to apply. So I did that day. The week after (this week) I had an interview with another girl named Tessa. After some comical emailing trying to set up a time and date for the interview we decided on Wednesday at 3pm ET. It was also Cinco de Mayo so we talked about tacos..

So Wednesday (yesterday) Tessa called me and we had a wonderful meeting. We talked about our nights the night before, we talked about IBM Design Camp, we talked about my work some more and what I like about design. This interview was probably the best I have ever felt in an interview situation so far. I felt confident and comfortable talking to Tessa on the other end. At the end of the interview she informed me that I would hear from them within 2 weeks if they were going to pursue this as an option, so I crossed my fingers and told her to have a great day. 10 minutes later I get an email from IBM saying they want to fly me out to Austin, TX next Thursday for another interview. HOLY SHIT. YES. 

I remember in middle school and high school looking at IBM and wanting to really work for them one day. I thought they were doing meaningful things and I wanted to work for something like that. Now here I am, interviewing with them! It's definitely a surreal moment where I took a step back and just smiled. You have to in a situation like this. So naturally, I celebrated with my friends last night and we had a good time. I think it's important to share smiling moments with anyone and everyone, and my friend group is amazing in their support and good times with me. 

What about NYC?

Well, yeah. Here's the deal. I've always had my sights set on NYC but that doesn't mean I can't take a pitstop on the way. And IBM has an NYC office, along with UK, Germany, and Shanghai.. 

I wanted IBM since I was a kid, and there is no way I would ever turn down this opportunity. And I researched Austin and it looks pretty amazing and fun. It's a young city with huge potential. I'm only 22, I have time to travel the world and work places but right now I know for sure that I want to work at IBM, anywhere in the world, and I want to grow with them. And if you know me personally, you know that I am certain of what I want and don't want, what I like and don't like, what I need to do and what I don't need to do. 

So to say the least I am incredibly happy. I've been anxious since I got off the phone yesterday and I really hope next week goes well and I can get secure this job.

Other opportunities.

I have an informational meeting with Jeremy Cruz at Pepsi today at 3. I heard from the director of hiring a Etsy and they might have a Junior Designer position coming up, I also applied to an internship there. But otherwise I am focused on IBM. I can't say it enough, haha.

I read a great Dr. Suess quote today that I really like (and my sister Heather is a Suess fanatic) so it goes like this:

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

I think I've always agreed with this even though I never knew how to word it. I think it's important to remember to enjoy situation, the good, the bad, the painfully awkward. Everything you experience is important and you need to embrace it fully without a care. That's the only way to really feel the moment and learn from it. So right now I am witnessing memories in real time, and smiling the whole way through. 

String Squad

So, as you know, I am (actually today was my last day of classes ever so, I was) a student at UCF in the design program. The room where we had all of our design classes, for the past 2 years, is bland, to say the least. I was sick of my classmates blaming their lack of productivity on the mood of our room. So I decided to do some kind of installation to make it more fun, I don't think it's gonna solve anyone's laziness but it was an excuse to create.. 

So I went to the store and bought a shit ton of nails and string, printed out some words I thought were positive to see every day, called up my loyal and trusting friends and we set a plan in motion to do a string installation. 

Now, this whole thing wasn't exactly "legal" in the school's eyes. So naturally, we went in at 11pm to do it. Duh.

So Joe, Nico, Kyrstin, & Jamin, & I went in with a little help here and there from Nico's wife Bri and the lovely Ana, and we started hammering away. And hammering and hammering, then winding string for the next 4.5 hours until we had this! I am so proud of this installation and of my friends for their crazy hard work and for trusting me to take the heat for them if something happened.  At the end of the night, we had improved the room, shared a bunch of laughs, and now we didn't have to listen to people bitch about their own laziness. Which is ironic because we all had a bunch of projects to work on but we still put in all those hours of work for a fun personal project. 

I live for these moments. Surrounded by friends and a little bit of excitement with the possibility of trouble. It makes for the best conversation and the best memories. And ever since it went up in the room it has been talked about in a positive way by everyone, even the director of the program!

So check out the video, look at the pictures, and enjoy our String Squadness. 

you can't have a great life without great people.

So, as some of you know, my senior design class is graduating in a few weeks. This is both awesome and a bummer. We have all worked really hard to get where we are right now and I can't wait to get out into the real world with these guys. 

I could go on and on and on about this but I won't. I will say that these people right here have impacted me in a way that no other group of friends has. I have never been closer with a group in my life. I honestly love all of these people and would do anything for them. They have all helped me, listened to me, critiqued me, fought with me, laughed with me, been sad with me.. Every emotion I have felt through these people. They are all fantastic designers and even better friends of mine. I can honestly say that I will never forget anything we have all done. Whether it's the String Squad, or the Launchpad Parties, poking fun at Vic during critique, Hours spent at Lazy Moon, late night movies, photoshoots,  going out to bars, everything. 

You are some of the greatest people I know, I am going to miss you guys to death. 

Josh: You are my favorite redneck. And I just went to Target...

Jamin: No one can touch our secret handshake. You are a ride or die for real, even when you walk into the wrong apartment for 20 minutes..

Ebone: Probably the sassiest girl I know, but the spunkiest too. 

Robbie: We really see eye to eye on a lot of funny things. I know I can always be vulgar and get a good laugh around you. 

Lil' Steph: You've just always been a really great and positive friend. Plus we can really clear out a flip cup table.

Andres: You are one of my biggest motivators, competitors, and supporters. Everyone needs a friend like you. Love you dude. Someone ask him if he likes drugs, you will die from his response. 

Danny: You always know how to just laugh and be fun. and crush me with your swole ass muscles. haha

Alicia: One of the most rational females I know. I love talking to you about anything. 

Kyrstin: There is a lot I could say here but I'll leave it at this: stay feisty, and let that inner Miami out every once in a while. 

Brandon: You have a man crush on me, I totally understand though. You and your work always push me to work harder. And even though we bicker all the time, I'm glad we became late friends. 

Mike: You were one of my first friends here. You like beer and hockey so it was kinda inevitable, haha. Keep working hard man, proud of you.

Rachel: Oh boy. I think the only way to know about our friendship is to see it in person. You are an amazing lady. Your work blows my mind time and time again, you can hold your liquor, you know when something is up and when I just wanna laugh at something dumb. Not to mention Grant is just as amazing as you. I love you guys to death. (ps. did you see that stain on the classroom ceiling?...)

George: I don't know where to begin and end with you, haha. You do everything, it's crazy how skilled you are at everything you touch. You are one of the funniest people I have ever met and one of the realest. You're another one I can just say some dumb shit around and we could laugh for days about it. Good luck in Vermont, I'll be there soon!

Dev: You are the best drinking partner in the whole universe, hands down. You are another very honest person who I love to death. So incredibly happy you could mentor me this year and celebrate addy's! We have made some of the best memories, I will always laugh at how we are together. Love you, lady. 

Ana: Oh Ana. Where do I begin. We became really close really fast. We clicked intellectually and we raced from there. You think like me, you question things the same way I do, you see the world the way I do, we can communicate without needing to say anything. You are beautiful, physically and mentally. You are crazy, and adventurous, and just flat out fun. The memories we have from New York will be with me forever. That trip was amazing in multiple ways and you are a huge part of that. You don't have time for bullshit, you know what you like, and you are stunning for that. I cannot tell you enough how attractive you are, inside and out. You leave for Spain the same time I leave for NYC, but we will always be close. I am looking forward to our last few days together, and hope we will reunite one day in the future. 

Jeff, Paul, Sarah, Beleek (LURE): I don't even know where to start. You guys are the greatest bosses, the greatest friends, the greatest mentors, you're just the greatest. I am so sad to be leaving you guys (well, I could do without Paul's sass..) but seriously. You guys taught me so much, you guys cared for me a lot, and for that I cannot thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Zack: The other half of Strawberry Blonde. You are an amazing kid who is going places for real. I know I can always jam out in a car with you to any song and not care about everyone else around us. You are a car drumming champion, and one of my favorite gingers. I'm really glad we got to work together on things, party together, laugh over dumb shit, it's all meant a lot to me. Go kill it in L.A. man, I know you will. 

Joey Redlight: BFF, roommate, Joe.C.D. We disagree on everything. well 98% of everything. It's really quite amazing how close of friends we are because of that. Haha. I cannot express my gratitude for being your roommate this last year, all the late night show watching and laughing hysterically at nothing, the dragon noises, the aliens, the ghosts, being psyched for ACID, concerts, great food, I could go on and on but you know. I always got you, man. You are always there for me, every single time without me asking. You are one of the greatest friends I have ever, and will ever have. 

Victor: Victor is my professor, my mentor, my great friend, my critic, grammar nazi, hoodie lover, pun maker, and the source of a lot of laughter for me. If you don't now Victor you need to find a way to. No single human being has impacted my design career as much as Victor has. He only felt like my teacher for a short amount of time before he started mentoring me more harshly, more honestly, more directly. He has pushed me to the brink of insanity by telling me to create more, create better, create in a more clever way. Pair that advice with my work ethic and you have 2 years of non stop creating that I will never forget. Victor; you don't realize how important you are to me as a person and friend, along with how important you are to my design life. You have taught me everything, and you kept it fun, #victorontheweekend. I don't know if there is any way I will ever be able to repay you for the things you have done for me. But I will always work my hardest for you, for the rest of my life. For that I am grateful beyond what words can express. 

Nico: Last but not least. I am actually getting really sad typing this right now. You are my best friend, that's no secret to anyone. We have been together every day for the past 1.5 years. We met over our love for Emma Watson, you let me move in with you when I was in a bad situation. You cook the most amazing meals, you are fucking hilarious. You are everything I need in a friend. You are my family. You are my brother and I will always be there for you, whether it's life threatening or you finally realized you can't carry wood home on a motorcycle.. I know I can always come to you with anything and you won't judge me. We have very different views on a lot of things but we never judge each other. We always understand and accept each other for being humans. We push each other to be better people and designers. You are always so brutally honest with me when no one else will be. You have been a huge factor in my life, you've made an impact in almost every way and this point while I type this I am actually getting teary eyed, which you know I never do about anything. My thoughts are scrambled trying to finish this one, but I love you and Bri. If you ever need anything I will be on a plane within minutes for you. 

So i guess i will end with this:

If any of you need anything, you always know you can call me or text me, just like you have the past 2 years. My couch is always one to any of you. And I cannot wait to live life with you guys. And that's all I'm gonna write before I need to call one of you guys crying.. Haha. I Love you all. 


I could add photos all day long but I have to go work on school stuff.

Thank you all for the best memories of my life.

I'll be back soon. 

A bummer of the existential kind.

Let me start this post by describing an existential bummer, to me:

An existential bummer is when you are in a situation that makes you happy; the surroundings are beautiful, you are enjoying the people around you or the peace of being alone, you are just happy, in it's simplest form. But at the same time you cannot help but feel that looming feeling of sadness, because you know it will come to an end, and that's a bummer. 

Okay. So you can kinda see why I'm feeling this way. and it didn't hit me until half way through my plane ride home to Orlando. And it hit me hard, in multiple ways. 

The first way was leaving New York. I felt great there. I knew I was going back to an environment that wouldn't be able to compare. The food, the people, being able to walk everywhere, having a certain kind of freedom. Of course I'm going to have an existential bummer about that but I was so focused on my goals, and food.. that I didn't realize what was happening until I was gone. 

The next bummer extends from Orlando and my home. I have a lot of great great great friends here, my parents are here, sisters are here. I love them all to death. Seriously, you guys know who you are, and you have made my life so much happier, so much more productive, and just really fun. I owe you all the world. 


So between these two things and watching my favorite movie, Interstellar, on the plane. You know that part where they get back from the first planet and 23 years have gone by on Earth and he sits down to watch the video transmissions from his family who he sees grow up right before his eyes in the matter of minutes and he has that crazy smile on his face while he cries, totally the biggest existential bummer ever. Damn you Matthew McConaughey & Chris Nolan. 

Okay let me break from this idea really quickly and talk about my Monday meetings. 

Anti Anti

Monday morning I met with Ros at Anti Anti. He is one of those people who is just way too cool for no reason.. Like, how are you that cool for no reason. Anyways, We sat down and he looked at my book. He had a lot of great critiques and recommendation for my work. I really enjoyed how much he looked and how he had opinions about my work. I think that helps me grow a lot and see my work from different perspectives, so that meeting was fun. 

Jen Mussari

After Anti Anti I took the train way out into Brooklyn to see Jen Mussari and the Ghostly Ferns crew. I had met Jen briefly at Creative South but I love her work so of course I wanted to meet with her. Ghostly Ferns has a little town house thing thats a really awesome space. 5 floors of greatness. I sat with Jen in the attic space and we chatted about life, a little about Bob Gill, and then she made me some really great British Tea. Which felt great on my throat because after a weekend of Creative South and then NYC right after, My voice is pretty much gone and hurts real bad. She took a look at my book and she seemed to like it a lot, she gave me awesome feedback, we laughed about some silly weird things along the way, and geeked out over screen printing for a minute. I'm really excited to move up and see those people more. Something about their attitudes and work make me feel so comfortable and happy. Jen is the sweetest, if you have the chance to meet her, do it, snap a polaroid, and ask for the British Tea. 

Dinner and drinks, of course. 

After that meeting I took the train back into the city, ate one last time at Nico's mom's restaurant, and also stopped by to say farewell to her before I left on Tuesday. I had some tuna nachos that were freaking amazing, and maybe another coffee cake with ice cream... 

I went home after to drop off my stuff and then I left to go meet my buddy Mike. I met mike years ago when he came into my high school class to present his work one day. A few years later I shot some photos for him and his bands new album. My teacher from high school and now friend is also great friends with Mike so he texted and reminded me Mike moved up to New York recently. So i walked over and met him at a bar called Barcade. Great craft beer and a bar filled with old school arcade games. I promptly got my ass handed to me in Mortal Kombat, then played Ninja Turtles. Now, at this point in my trip I am exhausted. I have probably taken 100,000+ steps, I went out every single night, not that I'm complaining, but my body was tired. I thought about going home after a few beers but my mind said TOO FUCKING BAD. We then bar hopped for a while, ate meatball sliders at 2 a.m. which were fucking amazing. and then I could go home. The conversation with Mike was great. He knows a lot about the city and good places to go. We are both designers. We both think really alike in terms of wanting to have fun and just live while we can. So it was a really great time. 

On Tuesday, I woke up, packed, ate lunch, got a little bit of work done then headed to the airport. I said goodbye to my Airbnb and grabbed an Uber out to Newark. I got to the airport early, they didn't have wifi, so of course I found a bar, had a 7&7, ate creme brûlée, and took a small nap.

Back to the existential!

This concept of the existential bummer is so fascinating to me, only second to space of course. The idea that I can be ecstatic and bummed at the same exact time is something powerful. It forces you to make decisions based on pure happiness, in the moment. You have to ask yourself, what do I want to do right now, because I know sadness is coming and there is nothing I can do about it. Thats why I just like to say fuck it and do what makes me happy. Of course we all have responsibilities we must take care of, I'm not saying to neglect your crying child or your job. But seriously, If you got hit by a car tomorrow and died, would you feel satisfied up until that point? You don't know the future and you only have memories from your past, but right now. In this moment, how would you feel? It changes second to second, but don't get hung up on the time passing. Make a decision and grab that shit. Hustle for that shit. If you want something, work fucking hard. Hard work to me promotes immediate happiness, whether you go out and pull weeds or you sit down and design something you love. It doesn't matter. Nothing in life actually matters, we all die soon, we are a tiny grain of sand in the universe, and once we die we are just start dust in the cosmos, man. This shouldn't bum you out, it's actually the most beautiful thing I can think of. It reminds me that I shouldn't be serious all the time, I need to be sporadic, I need to live in the moment and do what makes me happy, because everything else disappears. 


What's next?

Now I keep emailing and calling and working. I have some AMAZING leads in NYC. I'm talking-to some people I would have never thought I would be talking to. I have some work opportunities presenting themselves, now I just gotta keep at it. There is not time to slow down, there is no time for laziness. In this moment; hard work, family, friends, food. I want something, I'm working for it, I'm happy. 

I will keep posting details on these situations as I can. Some of them I don't want to type about yet, but I'm excited. For real..


I also need to get thank-you's out right now. The people in my life are amazing and they need to know. So mom and dad, you are my biggest fans and my harshest critics. You aren't afraid to tell me the truth and for that I have a huge advantage in life. I love you. Of course my two ginger sisters, always checking in on me and trying to mother me. Victor Davila, my teacher, mentor, and truly great friend. Always checking in on me, supporting me, telling me to just do better. You have impacted my life and career in more ways than you know. Nico Guidicessi, Joseph Brueggen, Zack Causey, Andres Rutabaga (thats not really his last name but idk how to spell it so fuck it), Jamin Smith, Rachel Peshek, George Wright, Olivia Perez, Matt Cabrera, Ebone Grayson, Alicia Frederick, Kasey Mannes, Danny Bryan, Kyrstin DiMeirco, Josh Sweet, Brandon Stoker, my peeps at LURE, Lenny Terrnzi. You guys are all the best, you all gave me a lot of support on this trip and even though we all bicker all day I love y'all to death. Special thanks to Ana Gomez, who I had a great time with in NYC and who's gorgeous self was there to give me in person encouragement. She also likes good food, and likes to explore so it was great to have someone with me like that for my free time. Thank you to my New York friends, Monica, Mike, Emma, for the good times and great suggestions. And thank you to the readers who sit through my poor grammar and long posts. You guys are the real MVP. 

Now it's back to classes and finishing out strong. I'll be back soon with more updates! 

NYC MISSION DAY 2, 3, & 4 (April 17, 18, & 19. 2015)

quick 3 day recap!


Okay guys, here is the update, finally... I am going to try and be straight forward with the details because this one might long.. HERE WE GO


Friday, April 17th. 2015:

Bob Gill

I woke up at 7.

I showered and got ready to go to my first interview. 

I walked from Chelsea down to 1st and 8th. I think.. 

I arrived early so I grabbed a tea and waited until 10 when my meeting was supposed to start with Bob Gill. 

I walked into the lobby of his apartment complex and asked the guy if I was in the right spot, he called up to Bob to let him know I was there, I was 15 minutes early. 

Around 9:55 his daughter walked down to the lobby, she was headed to work and she recognized me. She was very nice and definitely resembled Bob's features. 

I went up to his studio, knocked and he welcomed me with a smile and a handshake. 

The first word out of his mouth were, "The first piece of advice I have for you is to not be 15 minutes early next time. N one will hate you for being late.." 

He seemed perturbed so I stated that I didn't call up, the door man did without asking..

He chuckled and said something along the lines of "it's always his fault." I chuckled.

Right away he showed me 3 pieces of design, a modern book, a boring layout book, and a letter head. He said that every designer falls within 3 categories. A modern person, a run of the mill layout person, and a 1% category of people who solve problems. The letter head was a very clever and straightforward type setting by a famous designer for his friend that in no uncertain terms says "I, (insert famous designer here) designed this letter head for john doe."

Bob said that that is what design should be, you need a problem and you need to solve the problem and thats it. Now.. I agree, conceptually, but I don't think I do execution wise. 

He then proceeded to tell me that 97% of all designers make generic things. That yes it is technically great but conceptually horrible. Bob really likes to talk about himself and his work. He holds himself pretty highly. He is a fiery, sassy, old guy with strong opinions. Which is great, opinions are what make design amazing, but I don;t agree with everything he says. Of course he is a legend but I'm allowed to have opinions too, haha. 


I like a little flare, some hidden details, you know? Not him.. Not at all. 

Of course you now where I', going with this. He thought my portfolio was in the 97%, conceptually. He did give me great technical compliments on my design and photography though. 

Quick side thought, he showed me this annual report that Sagmeister did on the lighting company. It was great stuff, really clever and solved a great problem, but then he went on to say that he didn't know any of Sagmeister's other work and for all he knows this is the only good thing he has ever done. He said that about Stefan Fucking Sagmeister, who I personally think is my favorite designer and I think is controversial in all the right ways. So you can imagine the burst of laughter that left my mouth followed by the words "Are you serious?". With more laughter to follow. 

I dropped the subject and we kept talking bout other things, well, he did, about his work some more. Toward the end of the meeting we started talking about school and how he thinks I'm probably at a disadvantage for going to a public university instead of an art school, again, I disagree. He said that all students are basically fucked because they are taught a solution before the problem. I don't disagree with that but I can say first hand a lot of thought goes into what I do. I'll keep this portion reserved for my own good: Bob Gill is a great man, a great designer, and a great mentor I'm sure. I would not be able to work for Bob Gill, and that is my opinion as a designer, which is what I'm told to have. I love Bob. He had some great insights or me and I really really really enjoyed my time at his studio. I'll stop there.. Next meeting!!


Randy Hunt: Etsy


My next meeting was in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Which has become my favorite place in NYC. 

I got to DUMBO a little early so I ate a burger for lunch and walked around and shot some photos. The weather was kinda shitty but I still enjoyed the views. 

 So I walk into the Easy office and wait for Randy to come get me. Easy just went public so their office was still going a little crazy. 

Randy came out and got me and we walked to a small conference room to chat. We talked about Florida for a sec (he is also a UCF alumni) and then he looked at my book. 

So this interview was amazing. We laughed the whole time, he asked me really great questions about my work conceptually which I loved because I think concept is king. So I was proud to have an answer for the questions he had for me. He seemed to really enjoy my work. He laughed at some wit I have and liked my presentation and project ideas. 

We actually talked for a long ass time. It all seems like a blur now but we laughed a lot and had a great time, plus he has bad ass dog that sat in with us. 

Even though he knew I would love the opportunity to work with him he still gave me tons and tons of info and people to reach out to in New York for work. Thats the great thing about designers, man. We all look out for each other because we all just want to create cool ass shit. 

He is going to personally push my portfolio through to the director of hiring in Berlin and hopefully she can place me in Brooklyn ASAP. Time will tell but I have a good feeling about it for sure. 

Overall I had a great time and I am really excited about whats happenin'.


Done with interviews for the day. 

After that I went and met with my very good friend Ana by Times Square where she was with her friend. Her friend left to go back to Boston shortly after so Ana and I went to meet with my friend Monica for drinks around 6. I have never met Monica before, she is my sisters friend from high school but we have been texting about stuff up in NYC. She is crazy in the best ways, haha. She is definitely a New Yorker, loud and proud. She's great. She took us to a rooftop bar called Rare. The view was amazing, the weather was amazing and I was with two gorgeous women, so it was a great time. 


Monica couldn't stay long but she gave us recommendations for dinner. Ana and I went o a place called Elmo in Chelsea. Holy. Shit. I had the best braised chicken tacos and mac and cheese I have ever had in my life. Ana had an amazing smoked Salmon salad that apparently was just as good. Oh and I had this drink, with bacon and maple syrup in it. I fucking love this city. 

After dinner, Ana and I went out. We walked so far and found this awesome basement bar with great music and good drinks. we stayed there for a while before moving on. I think we drank a bit more and then we headed back. We Uber'd to her hostel and then I Uber'd home. That day was fucking awesome. Once again, I love my friends. 




Saturday, April 18th. 2015:


this was my free day. and after getting home around 3 the night before I was excited to not have interviews for today..

I got up and had a bagel with tea for breakfast and then I started wandering in Chelsea. Little did I know I was going to stumble upon 20+ stunning galleries to hop in! I spent about an hour in galleries before Ana joined me. We spent about an hour more looking at art and laughing at some weird stuff, but damn, some of these galleries were just amazing. And all free! I love this city. 

After gallery hopping we walked down by the river, across from Jersey. we laid on this lawn for a while where every local was sun bathing because it was 77 degrees and stunning outside. After that I was starving. Ana stopped at the Highline Hotel for a coffee from this awesome coffee shop with type writers, then we went to this awesome pizza place where I stuffed my face shamelessly. Amazing pizza. 

Next stop was the highline. It's an abandoned railroad track on an elevated path through the city. It was beautiful up there. A lot of plants and trees and great views of the city. 

I then had to go see my main lady, The Statue of Liberty. So we took a train down to Battery Park, got some ice cream, and went to see her. I love the view from down there with the boats and such. We got some good photos, shared an ice cream and quickly moved on. I wanted a good view for sunset so I rushed Ana to the train so we could go across the bridge and I could take her to DUMBO. We got their at the perfect time. Sun was setting and it was still warm (thankfully because I only had a light shirt.)

We both pulled out our cameras and shot until the sun went away. That view, man. That view alone is worth all the late nights and extra work I've been doing. I want that view, and I think I deserve that view. 

I'm glad Ana was there and I was able to take her over there. We think alike, we eat alike, we are both designers, so we had a great time together. 

After the sun went down we went exploring for a bar in Brooklyn and we found a perfect one. 62nd street bar on Jay street. It was dark and moody, rustic, a cute jazz/folk couple from Michigan were playing. It was perfect for our tastes. We sat together and listened to the music for over an hour, talking about our days and the trip so far. Then My sweet tooth kicked in, as usual, and there is no stopping me when that happens. So I grabbed Ana's had and ran the to the train. We went back over the bridge to Nico's mom's restaurant again for that Coffee Crumble cake with the ice cream and whiskey drizzle.. Just as great the second night in a row. Nico's mom wasn't there but a manager was and he figured out who I was and the dessert and drink s were on the house, so that was awesome. 

It was late now so Ana went home and so did I. 

This trip has been everything so far. If I get a job while I'm here I think I will explode. 


Sunday, April 19th. 2015:

Brunch & Brooklyn.

Woke up and had brunch with Ana at nico's mom's restaurant. I cannot recommend this place enough. I had an awesome fritata and Ana had some amazing guava and cream cheese stuffed french toast. We really love the food here, ha. 

Afterwards, Ana took the train to the airport so she could fly back to Orlando. I went the other way to Brooklyn a little early so I could get some work done before my next meeting. I sat at a great bar called TBD, try and go if you are ever in Greenpoint. 

At 3:30 I met with Mike from Two Arms Inc. which is a design and screen print shop. Mike and his wife learned to screen print where I work now, LURE Design Inc. So we hit it off right away. I loved their studio. It reminded me of LURE, which was nice. I felt comfortable and at home. We talked for a bit in the studio over a beer and then moved the conversation to a bar down the road. 

Mike has been the realist person with me so far. He was real over email when providing resources and advice and he was the same in person. I appreciate that. I will never blow sunshine up someones ass and Mike didn't either. It was a raw and exciting truth coming from him. That's the kind of conversation that gets me pumped and ready to work my ass off for it. I won't go into such detail about it but our conversations usually end something like this.. I can't say it enough, I am ready to grind, and get dirty, and work 80 hours a week and push for it. I want that life. 

So on that note I will finish! I have a meeting with Anti Anti in the morning so I must sleep. Thanks for reading, if you made it this far.. That's pretty cool if you did. I will check back in tomorrow. See ya soon! 






Landed in Newark today around 10 and took a taxi to Chelsea where my Airbnb is. Holy shit that cab ride was expensive....

I checked into my quaint little room with my host, Jennifer. It's a really cool space in a great location for me to walk places. 

Today I didn't have anything to do so I threw my backpack on and went exploring. I texted my friend Eliza who I met at CS last week and we met up for lunch by Bryant Park. She had so much advice to give me about interviews, and handling myself, and the train system, etc. If you don't know her you should reach out, she's a great friend to have. she hates this picture but oh well. 

After lunch I headed back to my room, I sat down to do some work and passed out for 2 hours. This week was kinda long so it was nice to catch up before interviews start tomorrow. 



I love the food here, I can grab a donut whenever I want and walk around. Talk about living the life. I ate dinner at my friend Nico's mom's restaurant, Pounds & Ounces. It was amazing. She is the sweetest lady and a fantastic chef. I had chicken waffle pops, these amazing glazed ribs, and a coffee cake with ice cream and a whiskey drizzle. It was all absolutely delicious. I highly recommend eating here if you are in NYC. 

Now I'm back in my room, getting ready for tomorrow. I have a meeting with Bob Gill, yes Bob Fucking Gill, at 10:00am I am so pumped for. He's a witty, sassy, outspoken person, much like myself. And after that I am meeting with a UCF alumni who is the creative director of Etsy over in DUMBO Brooklyn. 



I love it here. I have always loved it here. I can walk down the street and not be judged or even noticed at. You are simultaneously absolutely no one and your best self at the same time. No one gives a fuck about you which makes you want to hustle that much harder. It's really a great feeling, at least it is for me. Anyone could be anyone here, and no one cares all the same. 


I like walking places, not something you can do in Florida... The weather was awesome today so walking was that much better. I walked about 50 blocks, did some poking around, but overall I'm just enjoying the walk. I didn't take my camera out once. Let me repeat that, I didn't take my camera out once.... If you know me you know that is just crazy. I shot some photos with my phone but other than that I just observed and enjoyed the New York air. 


My anxiety feels good too. I was feeling the nerves a bit this morning but they fell out of my body when I got out of the taxi. I'm out here dodging cabs and bikers like a pro and I feel comfortable. I hope I look comfortable and not like a weird lost kid.. I'm sure I will be nervous again in the morning when I go to meet Bob but I'm really excited at the same time. I'm glad and proud that my work has gotten me here right now so I'm excited to see what the opportunities will be. 


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The usernames are a bit different so be careful!

You can also find me on Facebook if you want! 

Saw the new freedom tower today, looks beautiful. I think it's also a symbol of the statement, "If any terrorists wanna fuck around and get dunked on, you know where America can be found.." Idk maybe that one is just me.

Saw the new freedom tower today, looks beautiful. I think it's also a symbol of the statement, "If any terrorists wanna fuck around and get dunked on, you know where America can be found.." Idk maybe that one is just me.



Go balls to the fucking wall.

When I was in middle and high school I used to stress over people thoughts about me. "are they talking about me?" "do they like me?".. the usual. But ever since college I'm learning and realizing more and more that if you just do what you want and what makes you happy, you will find other people who do the same. I think thats how I met all of my friends at UCF and stayed so close with them so far. We are all fucking weird in a way so own that shit. 

Eliza reminded me of a quote she heard at CS that goes "Let your weakness be your uniqueness." and I think that's awesome because everyone is a bit strange, right? So don't give a fuck what people think! NYC is the epicenter for this idea and I feel right at home with it. I can try and walk all cool or whatever but we all know I'm gonna put a hoodie on, some comfy chinos, and trip up the curb every damn time. So fuck it. Be you. Be the best you because right now no one else is youer than you, that is true. (some Dr. Suess I remember from when my sister would read them to me as a kid. Shout out to Heather!)

I think that's enough for now. I'm pretty tired and I'm looking forward to my bed.. Please feel free to comment with any questions! I'm hoping to get some guest posts on here soon to help get the knowledge i've been lucky enough to hear out to the rest of my friends and students. 


One last quick thank you to my parents, who are probably the most supportive art parents in the world and who listen to all my crazy ideas and accept them for what they are. There is no way in hell I would be here without them so all this hard work is definitely for them. 

Okay for real, I'm tired. Goodnight!

Back home.. For a few days

So Creative South is over and it lived up to the hype once again. This year was better for me than last year because last year I was scrambling to try and make connections while my hands were all sweaty.. But this year I was returning to old friends from around the nation and it was really great to just be able to relax and chat with my favorite people. 

Also, CS really stepped it up this year. The conference seemed bigger, brighter in a way, I really liked it. 

Shout out to Justin Mezzell for keeping an eye out for me and showing me a good time!

Now I am back in Orlando, after a car ride full of car drumming excellence with my friend Zack Causey. (look him up, he's a beast) and I have a few more days to get my phone calls and emails out to NYC before I fly up Thursday morning. I have gotten a lot of great feedback on my portfolio from NYC agencies but it seems like everyone is either transitioning or just not hiring right now. But that was to be expected and I will keep bugging them until they let me in..



As some of you know, I was born with clinical anxiety, mostly stemming from the safety of my friends and family. But many other things can trigger it as well.

I am medicated for it.

No I don't have an issue talking about it with people. 

Everyone has issues, if you say you don't you're just an asshole. 

However, usually in these situations, where a big life change is coming, I usually start feeling really stressed and anxious. I tend to annoy people with it I think, but oh well. But this move isn't making me feel anxious. I'm very excited, I'm very ready, but my anxiety honestly feels very low. Considering everything that has been happening the last month or so. 

ps. if anyone wants more information about anxiety or just want to talk about it let me know, I've taken all the steps and would love to share my experiences and knowledge. 



How about that Game of Thrones last night? Epic, right?

I am about to start a fun personal project today and tomorrow so I will post up some videos and pictures soon. I think it's going to be a fun one because I'm getting some friends involved too!

So I think I am going to leave you on this: 


I think this quote is very important to me at this time in my life. Sharing your stories and vulnerabilities is important, not just from a design standpoint but from a human standpoint. I think if more people believed this we would have less fucking assholes in the world and more genuine relationships. I'm not saying to not be confident, my mom always said people will just try to tear you down in this world so go in guns blazin' but be humble with your skills and knowledge, listen to people, be teachable, and work your ass off. 

Also, surround yourself with the best friends you can, like these people. They are family and all of them look out for me just like I look out for them. 

Quick shout outs to Lenny Terenzi (Hey Monkey), Mike Jones, Sandie Ellingson, Eliza Cerdeiros, Shauna Parmesean, Nico Guidicessi, Joey Redlight, Andres Rutbega, Stephanie Valderama. Pat Daley, Alica Frederick, Olivia Perez, Danny Bryan, Zack Causey, Danielle Evans, Ebone Grayson, & Ana Gomez.

Creative South Update

Hey guys! Quick creative south update! The energy here this year is amazing. Just a fuck-ton of crazy talented people, awesome conversations, mind blowing art, and beer.  


Check out some photos!  



Part of the crew.  

Part of the crew.  

Up too early after being out too late.  

Up too early after being out too late.  

Joe is a binaries genius when it comes to iPhone time lapses  

Joe is a binaries genius when it comes to iPhone time lapses  

And at type fight.. 

And at type fight.. 

Great lectures with great friends.  

Great lectures with great friends.  

Best stage.  

Best stage.  



I will post a bigger update when I get back on Sunday. Have a good weekend guys.  

Design student. Moving to NYC.

Hey guys, my name is Adam Lehman and welcome to my new personal project: PREflight nyc. I am a senior design student from UCF who is preparing to try and move to New York City. This blog will be full of my trials and tribulations as I discover how the hell I am going to get this all to work. 


Some quick back story:

  • I have already been sending tons of emails to connections and agencies in NYC, I still have a lot more to send. 
  • I am flying to NYC next Thursday, April 16th, for a few days to meet with people who have reached back out to me. 
  • I do not have a guaranteed job in NYC, at all. 
  • I have no place to live in NYC. yet...
  • I am graduating with student loans (more than I wish)
  • A long term relationship with my girlfriend abruptly ended last Friday. We had plans to move and live together after graduation in the big city but that situation is done and gone.
  • I am now re-shifting my focus but keeping the same goals. I have always wanted to move there and learn design in NYC when I graduated, and my goal to do so will remain the same, regardless of unexpected, very offsetting circumstances for me. 



I suck at typing and I'm trying hard to catch them but deal with it, okay?


I will produce designs and videos for the things I am going through, I will try and check in and update you guys within 3 days of each new post.


I am going to be 100% honest with everything to be put up here, I will show my highs, my lows, my success and my failure.



I like to say fuck. so I'm gonna say it. I say it when I'm happy, I say it when I'm pissed. Oh well.


There will be some design talk in the posts but I will try and keep the content relatable no matter what you do. 


With that being said, welcome to Preflight nyc. I am open for any and all questions so feel free to send them my way!


I am leaving for Creative South tomorrow morning with my friends. This is my favorite conference in the world and it will really help distract and motivate me.