Dark Matter Brewing Co.

As a designer, I love packaging design because it gives me the opportunity to get hands on with different materials and different processes. What the client feels with their hands, and how they feel when they see your product can make or break your sale or engagement. 

Below is branding and packaging design for a Brooklyn based brewery. The boxes were hand built, the imagery was screen printed at Lure Design Inc, and each beer was hand brewed. A labor of love with an interstellar outcome.


Boxes are made out of 1/2" poplar wood. All hand cut, routed, and stained. 

The inks used are all water based. Printed on a traditional screen printing table. The gold pigment has a metallic flake in it while the rest of the inks are flat finished.

The flavors of the beer are maple cream, orange wheat, and a hard cider. 

If you are developing a product and want it to stand out, I would love to help make that happen for you.