All Things X

All Things X is an editorial magazine that I was creator of and Editor in Chief of for IBM.

The magazine focuses on the humanistic side of showcasing culture and emotion at IBM. There are no articles on revenue or numbers, only people and the amazing things they do.


Each issue has a theme, the first issue's theme was "New Beginnings" and the second issue had a theme of "Spaces"

For this magazine, I led a team of 18 Designers from around the world.


The purpose of this magazine is to preserve culture during a time of great change and risk at IBM. This magazine is meant to be an in depth look of the people shaping Design at IBM, as well as opinions and thoughts from leaders outside of the IBM Community, such as Stefan Sagmeister, Buzz Aldrin, Ashleigh Axios, and so on.

The magazine is distributed to 40+ IBM Studios around the world, but is not limited to only internal viewership.


Designers who worked on "All Things X"

Patrick Lowden, Randy Gregory II, Sofia Gutierrez, Evan Maeda, Jenny Chang-Chen Sanchez, Lindsay Bongo, Mitch Atkin, Greg Storey, Drew Smith, Betty Quinn, Ondrej Homola, Teodor Georgiev, Carly Stevens, Julia Swearer, Raquel Breternitz, & Allison Entsminger.