Jamie XX and James Turrell

This is a concept piece for an evening of cognitive bliss at the Mass Moca. The idea is that Jamie XX and James Turrell would collaborate to provide museum goers with an in depth sensory experience that combines music and light. Jamie XX would be performing his music from his album "In Colour" in real time as attendees sit in Turrell sky-scapes, light filled rooms, modified hallways, etc.  


The end result would vary based on the mood of the crowd. Would they dance in endless light filled rooms or would they all lay down and let the emotions of the music and light wash over them?

Promotional posters

Promotional posters

Installation projection of Jamie XX

Installation projection of Jamie XX

Tickets to the event

Tickets to the event

Poster detail

Poster detail

Poster detail

Poster detail

Jamie XX performing in a special acoustic room designed by James Turrell

Jamie XX performing in a special acoustic room designed by James Turrell

Outdoor advert

Outdoor advert

Special edition vinyl of Jamie's album "In Colour"

Special edition vinyl of Jamie's album "In Colour"

Vinyl detail

Vinyl detail

Vinyl detail

Vinyl detail




All Things X

All Things X is an editorial magazine that I was creator of and Editor in Chief of for IBM.

The magazine focuses on the humanistic side of showcasing culture and emotion at IBM. There are no articles on revenue or numbers, only people and the amazing things they do.


Each issue has a theme, the first issue's theme was "New Beginnings" and the second issue had a theme of "Spaces"

For this magazine, I led a team of 18 Designers from around the world.


The purpose of this magazine is to preserve culture during a time of great change and risk at IBM. This magazine is meant to be an in depth look of the people shaping Design at IBM, as well as opinions and thoughts from leaders outside of the IBM Community, such as Stefan Sagmeister, Buzz Aldrin, Ashleigh Axios, and so on.

The magazine is distributed to 40+ IBM Studios around the world, but is not limited to only internal viewership.


Designers who worked on "All Things X"

Patrick Lowden, Randy Gregory II, Sofia Gutierrez, Evan Maeda, Jenny Chang-Chen Sanchez, Lindsay Bongo, Mitch Atkin, Greg Storey, Drew Smith, Betty Quinn, Ondrej Homola, Teodor Georgiev, Carly Stevens, Julia Swearer, Raquel Breternitz, & Allison Entsminger.

Sui CBD Oil

This project's intended purpose is to target the millennial self care industry and help create a product that puts the self first. "Sui" in Latin means "self," which is the basis of the ethos behind the Sui brand. The mixing texture used throughout the brand system represents the product mixing with one's self to create a vibrant, beautiful display of inner well-being. The Sui brand sells products ranging from multi-strength CBD oil, face cream, body lotion, and so on. The product is meant to live in chic settings, such as an Equinox gym or a boutique store. The brand strives to put a face to an industry that is currently booming but has not yet fully embraced the use of CBD products. Sui is a celebration of diversity in both product and solution for personal needs. Taking care of yourself shouldn't be a shameful or secret process. Embrace it.

Album Covers

Re-designed covers for albums and artists who get me through the day, everyday.


Below are various logos I have designed over the past few years. The face of your company is the first thing a client sees and bases you off of. If your company is just starting or needs a new face, let me know!

Faust Wine

The Faust. He sold his soul to the devil for infinite wisdom and worldly pleasures. The story comes in many shapes and sizes throughout history, but the outcome is the same—a tall glass of trouble. 

This wine is a personal project of mine and a gift for my lady, Faustyna. The first generation of a collection of wine that speaks to heritage, theatre, and a precarious assumption, or rather.. consumption.




Ad Age

Covers designed for the theme of "unifying people around a current social cause."

Guac Shop

Branding work for an all avocado based restaurant in NYC. utilizing the leaf like shape of the avocado plant  and a very geometric typeface to mimic the curves and the pit of the avocado. 


Dirty Jerz BBQ Sauce

A BBQ sauce as dirty and sloppy as the place it comes from. Dirty Jerz BBQ Sauce is an ode to everything that is right with New Jersey—Cookouts, friends, sloppy memories, and suburban livin'. This sauce is meant to be slopped and shared, so light up the grill and get to grillin'.


A collection of Photos shot while on safari with my Father in Tanzania, Africa.


Dark Matter Brewing Co.

As a designer, I love packaging design because it gives me the opportunity to get hands on with different materials and different processes. What the client feels with their hands, and how they feel when they see your product can make or break your sale or engagement. 

Below is branding and packaging design for a Brooklyn based brewery. The boxes were hand built, the imagery was screen printed at Lure Design Inc, and each beer was hand brewed. A labor of love with an interstellar outcome.


Boxes are made out of 1/2" poplar wood. All hand cut, routed, and stained. 

The inks used are all water based. Printed on a traditional screen printing table. The gold pigment has a metallic flake in it while the rest of the inks are flat finished.

The flavors of the beer are maple cream, orange wheat, and a hard cider. 

If you are developing a product and want it to stand out, I would love to help make that happen for you. 

Command X

For an in depth look at my Command X experience please read this: https://medium.com/@adamlehman_45956/my-aiga-command-x-experience-c8234ffe3bad#.mo72arryf

At the 2016 AIGA National Conference I was selected to compete in Command X: A hunger games style design competition for Designers out of college but under 26 years old.

For the first challenge we had a week, then presented in front of 2000 designers and judges, then two people are cut. They gave us 24 hours for the next challenge, then 2 people are cut, 24 hours for the last challenge, and yes 2 people were cut.

The first challenge was to redesign the Gamblers Anonymous logo.

The second challenge was to redesign the Zappos box experience.

And the third challenge was to create something to get 18-24 year olds to vote in the election.

I am humbled to be able to say that I won this years Command X, but also made 6 outstanding Designer friends in the process.


Photos shot while trekking through Iceland with two of my best friends in the world.


A photographer's weather tool application for the iPhone. 


My main focus with this project was to provide an easy solution to the hardships that outdoor photographers face on a daily basis. I wanted to consolidate solutions for issues such as: Visibility, city and moon light pollution, atmospheric pollution, atmospheric pressures to predict fog coverage, celestial rise and set times, basic temperature and chance of rain, and include a built in star map for the night shooters. 

The app solves the issue of the photographer having to look at many different resources for one shoot, this also solves the days of planning leading up to a shoot because all of this information is now in their pocket, in real time, and location independent. Meaning that no matter where the photographer is, they can get their readings and settings for anywhere in the world at any given time. 

2015 Orlando District Addy Winner: Silver

2015 Regional Addy Winner: Gold

IBM Studios Summit

In my role as Culture and Brand Designer for IBM Studios, I was tasked with branding the 2016 IBM Studios Summit. This Summit brought IBM Studio leaders from around the world together in one room to learn from each other and help improve the IBM Studios program in two days.


The brand I designed plays off of the three types of Studios we have; Product, Brand, & IX/GBS. Each Studio gets it's own color triangle, and even IBM locations learning and growing are represented by the halftone triangles, making their way towards density. The giant purple triangle represents when all three Studios come together to move forward with grand collaborative outcomes.

Sometimes you are given the best space, sometimes you are given a less than exciting space—regardless of the location, design can play a huge role in the space's dynamic, emotion, and impact on the attendees. 


Look and feel—what's more human than that? People can bring us to a certain time and place. A person can make us feel loved, angered, excited, or calm. Below are some portraits of people who evoke emotions and remind people of a certain memory.